Hi, I’m Claire, a fully qualified Reflexologist offering a mobile service around a 10 mile radius of Micheldever Station. From a child I have always enjoyed having my feet rubbed and from that early age recognised the benefits of relaxation through this. As I got older I became aware of how the foot maps the body and the related benefits when reflex points are manipulated.

In 2014 I decided that it was the right time to undertake a professional qualification in reflexology and went on to achieve VTCT Level 3 which included a very comprehensive study into anatomy and physiology. Since then I continue to learn from reflexology every day and particularly love seeing clients relax into the treatment and reap the benefits!

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, walking our dog, playing netball and practicing yoga.

A Brief History

There are many illustrations from as early as 4000BC showing some form of foot therapy being practiced in Egypt and China.

In the early 20th Century a Dr William Fitzgerald discovered that applying pressure to one area could anesthetize a corresponding part of the body. He named this the ‘zone’ theory and is still in use today!

In the 1930s a Physiotherapist called Eunice Ingham developed that theory further. She discovered that since the zones ran throughout the body they could be accessed anywhere and that the feet were the most responsive. Using this knowledge, she mapped out the entire body onto the feet and discovered that alternating pressure on various points had a therapeutic effect far beyond the reduction of pain. Eunice Ingham termed her method Reflexology and is how we know it today!